Our Services

We offer a diverse range of financial services which includes institutional and retail brokerage of equity, derivatives, commodities, currency, online trading, depository services & distribution of IPOs, dedicated desk for HNIs and institutional clients, margin financing & research.

It is our constant endeavor to drive growth through building confidence. We offer understanding of market dynamics, cutting-edge tools & technologies and value-added services. Our team of researchers constantly focuses on sectors, markets, categories and companies and offer growth strategies.

At ARJ we understand requirements from High Networth Individuals; our personalized services, swift trade assistance, quick settlements and online back-office support helps our customers to invest time in right investment decisions instead of other operations hassles.

Our HNI Desk Offers
  • Margin Trading Facility.
  • Competitive brokerage charges with no hidden cost.
  • Easy & Instant Payouts to your bank & demat accounts.
  • Research reports & well-timed advisory services.
  • 24X7 access to online back-office.
  • Mobile & online trading facility.
  • Review your Margin Status, Holding Report, Order and Trade Book on a real time basis
  • Telephonic Assistance for order execution & operational support.

ARJ Securities leverages its decades of experience and expertise of Indian markets to offer trading and research solutions to institutional investors across segments including mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance companies and foreign portfolio investors. Our institutional equities team consists of best-in-class professionals with vast experience in institutional broking, making us one of the leading Institutional Brokers of India.

Our client focused sales team leverages on our research and insights to come up with attractive investment ideas. Our expert trade execution team has earned a first rate reputation for quality of execution, research and integrity with our clients.

ARJ is recognized for its strong client relationships, comprehensive reporting, high degree of compliance with stock exchange regulations, ethical business practices and the ability to provide quality research to the institutional clients.

We understand that one has to be constantly on move in this dynamic world of finance and therefore we ensure that with us you get the best possible information and service. Our commitment to personalized service and our quality service truly distinguish us in the industry. We constantly assess our services & solutions and keep upgrading to meet highest client gratification.

"Equity Shares are the most known form of investment in the world. An equity investment generally refers to the buying and holding or trading of shares to gain income from daily price movements, dividends and capital gains, as the value of the stock moves. Equity & Currency derivatives since their introduction to the market have attracted mass in the market & are among favorite trading segments."

At ARJ, We provide Quality of services whose functions is beyond mere execution of Buying & Selling. We offer various investment options including margin trade facility, derivatives trading, currency trading, hedging, NRI investment & settlement. We are committed to provide modern trade execution facility & better customer experience, we offer Online trading & Mobile trading facility, Assisted trading in addition to our back office.

Our Sole Purpose is to create ease in investing for you and help in wealth creation to our Customers, with suitable Trading solutions & research guidance.

Our Retail Desk Offers
  • Seamless (2– in – 1) trading experience (Demat & Trading A/C)
  • Mobile app for instant order placement.
  • Instant Fund transfer facility
  • Inclusive research reports & well-timed advisory services
  • 24X7 access to online back-office
  • Review your Margin Status, Holding Report, Order and Trade Book on a real time basis
  • After Market Order (AMO) facility
  • Telephonic Assistance for order execution & operational support.
  • Easy & Instant Payouts to your bank & demat accounts.
  • Competitive brokerage charges with no hidden cost.

Based on experience and knowledge about the markets, ARJ understands the importance of identifying opportunities well before the competition. ARJ’s faith and commitment to research is evident from its uncompromising research team, facilitated with state of the art infrastructure. For more details on our research capabilities. ARJ makes it easy for you to stay updated about the stock market news and trends provided by our research analysts. The research reports at ARJ are free to download and help you to stay ahead in market related news and updates.

The researchers at ARJ perform fundamental as well as technical stock analysis to provide actionable investment recommendations to investors. Investing in equities is considered risky, due to the high level volatile nature of the stock market. But with equity research reports and recommendations, ARJ takes care of your investment portfolio by providing assistance through accurate research recommendations.

These research reports are prepared by our research analysts who have deep industry knowledge and experience. These company reports, sector reports, IPO reports, daily market reports are a great source of information that help you take accurate and timely decisions related to investments.

Our Research Desk Releases
  • Overall economic outlook and updates
  • Daily technical outlook.
  • Up to date daily market reports.
  • Technical recommendations.
  • Free sector reports, company reports and IPO reports.